What is this houseplant?
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As the green thumb of my circle of friends, I have been asked to resuscitate my friend's dying plant. It'd help me if I knew what kind of plant it was.
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Not completely sure but it looks to me like it could be a variety of Polyscias scutelleria, aka a type of Aralia. Maybe a Plum/Shield Aralia?
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I agree with onoclea, and wow, is that plant in bad shape. Nutrient deficiencies and possibly root rot.
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Great! I'm pretty sure I can bring it back now that I know what he did wrong. He had repotted it incorrectly and severely over-watered it. I put it in the correct-sized pot, added fresh soil, and will keep it dry and in better sun than he had it, and I'm hoping for the quick recovery.
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