fix my chrome!
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I'm using Chrome (14.0.835.202) on os x (10.7.2). For a while now, I've noticed that, typically, when I do a google search, wanting to just check the wikipedia page for that search term, I type the term in, along with the word wikipedia (such as "whatever wikipedia") in the past this always brought me to a search page with the whatever wikipedia page as the first hit, and now the following happens: for a second or two I get a result page that will show, as the first search item, the wikipedia page for "whatever," but, within a couple of seconds, the search result page changes (with my doing nothing) with other search results at the top (I just went through the first 8 pages of search results for "metafilter wikipedia" and the metafilter wikipedia page doesn't show up at all (although it did flash for a second before that result page refreshed and changed without being asked to!). This used to work like a charm for me, what's changed and how can I change it back? Things are normal in firefox, it responds as I expect it to...
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Start typing the first few letters of the Wikipedia site ('en' is enough for me), press tab, then type in your search term to search Wikipedia directly. Works for all sorts of sites (eg Amazon).
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You might have to manage your search engines first to get what obiwanwasabi is talking about. For whatever reason I don't have Wikipedia in my list, but do have a bunch of random, one off sites.
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obiwan.. that doesn't work for me... typing anything followed by the tab, takes me to the next link in the window...
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hmmm.. I moved wikipedia to the top list. You can only choose one "default" and that's not what I'm wanting...

Still baffled!
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You don't need to make it default. Remove whatever you've done :) Add a new one in the "Other search engines" section:

Name: Wikiedpa
Keywork: wiki (or whatever you want to have to type before hitting tab)

After that, you should be able in the URL bar to type: wiki [tab] search query
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What happens if you google "wikipedia"? Maybe you've inadvertently added it to the personal blocklist extension. I see the same behaviour in Chrome after adding it to mine: instant search briefly shows the entry as the first result, but after hitting enter it's gone.
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you got it, Lorin! Thanks! That was it, and I have no clue as to why I might have done that!

And, to all the rest...thanks for the tips and your time!
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/wonders who set his Chrome up to search Wikipedia, then
/looks suspiciously at nonchalant cat
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obi... thanks, I forgot to blame it on the cat! of course!
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Right on. The same thing happened to me with another site, they sure put the block link annoyingly close to the actual site link.
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pro-tip: 99% of the time you don't even need to add 'wikipedia' to a search to get the Wikipedia article for the thing you're searching for.
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