Mattress, free to good home.
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Short version: I have a never-used-still-wrapped-in-plastic mattress. I have been instructed to donate it. To whom should I give it?

Long version: My girlfriend ordered a custom mattress, 48" x 73.5". When it arrived it was the wrong size. She called the manufacturer, they shipped a new mattress and instructed us to donate the first one.

I've heard that Goodwill and Salvation Army are not the best options, for various reasons. I'm hoping to get some good pointers so that the mattress can find a good home.
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Habitat for Humanity has stores for this kind of thing.
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Maybe the situation is different where you are, but a lot of charities on the East Coast no longer take donations of any upholstered furniture as a result of the epidemic of bedbugs.

Just put an ad on Craigslist and give it away. Or sell it. The manufacturer said to donate it because you don't want it and they don't want to pick it up. What you do with it is entirely your business.
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if there is a chapter of in your area you could list it there.
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Response by poster: What you do with it is entirely your business.

True, but I'd like to honor their request.
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What about a halfway house or shelter? If you're giving it away for charity, it would be nice for it to go somewhere where it's filling a need.
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Seconding a halfway house or shelter.

If you really have a hard time finding a place to donate it, could you sell it and donate the proceeds to a charity/cause of your choosing?
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Is that an odd, ie not standard, size? Because a housing charity might prefer that it fit a standard bed frame and sheets.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I should have been more specific, the mattress is an odd size.
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Since it's an odd size it would probably be more trouble than it's worth to a charity or other good-deeds situation like a shelter. I'd keep advertising it, sell it, and donate the money to your favorite charitable cause.
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1. A shelter for abuse victims & their kids
2. A shelter for the homeless
3. Rehab center for recovering addicts
4. Halfway house for former prisoners
5. Habitat for Humanity
6. Actually, I've always like the Salvation Army!
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I'd definitely go for a halfway house, battered women's shelter, or something similar. The worst that can happen if you call and ask is they say no. They may not care about the bed size, I know I wouldn't.

Salvantion army and goodwill will sell ti for a profit.
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To someone who will PICK IT UP FOR YOU.

You may see this agency's trucks driving around town picking up stuff from other people. It probably says 'St. Bob of the Blessed CALL 800-MYSTUFf to schedule pickup'. Google them to make sure they're legit and then voila, it's gone.
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