We need a good photo printer
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Please recommend a photo printer.

My church would like to buy a photo printer, so they can print photos on demand at events (like if we do pictures with Santa at a Christmas event). Ideally, the model would be easy to use, easy to purchase ink refills & paper for, and compatible with lots of cameras/memory cards. Anyone have a model to recommend? We'd like to spend $200 or less.
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Response by poster: We're hoping to buy through Amazon.
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The Canon MG5320 can print directly from memory cards and even smartphones, and ink-refills/paper can be purchased basically anywhere they sell ink. Prints on glossy paper look excellent due to the 5 ink cartridge system the printer uses. There's a newer model, the MG6220 which is pretty much the same, but they've cut prices on this one as a result.
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Best answer: Get a dye sublimation photo printer (e.g. the Canon CP800). You'll get high-quality, glossy, borderless 4x6 prints. If speed is an issue (pretty close to 1 minute per print), then you could buy two and still be under budget. The per-print cost works out to about 30 cents.

Unlike inkjets you don't have to worry about ink drying out or print heads clogging up.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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