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Schick Quattro and Schick Quattro For Women: what's the difference, really?
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if it's like the gillette's my wife & I use, none at all. they're interchangable.
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one is pink.
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If there is any real difference, my guess is that it's in the quality of the blade.

That seems to be the case with the Mach 3, anyway. I'd been using a men's Mach 3 (my husband had two), and the blades last a couple of months for me. I received a Venus (women's mach 3) as a free sample, and was really disappointed that the blades were only good for a few uses before needing to be changed.

And the Venus blades cost more than the Mach 3 blades, too. What a rip-off.
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When I looked at them at WalMart, the only difference I could find was about $4 in the price.
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does anyone else find it funny that razors sport more and more blades? where will this stop?

holding out for the Schick Venti myself - a quick shave with a delicious coffee - mornings (or pre-date rituals) were never so efficient.
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btw, (and i know this doesn't answer the question), but the mach3 is a much better razor (women's and mens we've tried em all).
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Schick's cheaper razors come in pink, black, and mysterious genderless green (for uncomfortable feminists like moi-meme?), but seem to be otherwise identical, so I vote meaningless and inexplicable gendering.
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I'm pretty sure the women's version will be inferior. I think Gillette's marketing department is pretty cocksure of themselves, and would have no problem selling an inferior product at a higher price. Name of the game, really.
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Either way, they both may not be available much longer, so stock up now.
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The prescient Mad magazine wrote about the marketing of razoe blades in 1979 (!)
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The "Women's" ones besides being pink, are easier to hold in the shower/tub, being more bulbously phallic.

Also, the rubbery strips on the fore and aft of the blades seem to make it easier to shave my legs.
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Not sure of the brand, but I once tried to shave with my wife's razor, and it was pretty clumsy. The handles are shaped to accomodate a different grip than what I use when gripping my own razor. So, IMHO, that was the one and only difference I could ever find. Ergonomics.

I would like to know why blades are so %&#$@ EXPENSIVE! (I know, I know...because they can)
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Do the men's blades fit on the Venus handle? I do like the Venus handle for the easy-to-handle-in-the-bath reasons mentioned above.
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Yes, matildaben, they do.
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and wasn't there a mefi post on how awesome old-fashioned saftey razors were? I have a sudden interest in them.
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I bumped into that MAD parody a while back; someone should find it and scan it all in. It's damn funny, even before you notice that it's so prescient. If only they were still that funny.
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Women's razors seem to have a bigger gap between the blades, to accommodate longer hairs. On occasions when I haven't shaved in a week, the Mach 3 is no good at all - it clogs instantly. Women's disposable razors seem to work better then, and they are also good for cutting nose hairs.
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From my experience, for many brands / styles of razors there's no difference between the men's and women's blades, except that the women's blades tend to be pink and often cost much less.

I bought a pack of Schick Protector blades (for women) and used them with my men's handle, because I didn't care that the pink blades clashed with the red handle if it saved me $4. Didn't have a problem with them at all.

springload wrote "they are also good for cutting nose hairs."

You're either sticking the blade in sideways, or you have some big damn nostrils.
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