How do I sell phone chargers in bulk?
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How can I sell a ton of microUSB chargers?

I have acquired hundreds of microUSB car and AC adapters from a cell phone store that dumped a lot of old inventory. These will work with any phone or thing that charges via microUSB and are all new and unopened.

My question is how do I go about selling them without having to eBay them for a buck a piece and wasting half of that on packaging and time to pack and ship just one unit? I tried Craigslist and gotten almost no response. Help me smart people!
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I forgot to mention that these were all LEGALLY acquired.
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These will work with any phone or thing that charges via microUSB and are all new and unopened.

Beware of making this claim. Devices that pull more current than the charger can supply won't charge. For instance, if your chargers are for bluetooth headsets, they likely won't work for tablets.

It's not a huge deal, but you don't want to have to deal with returns due to a miscommunication.
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Can you donate them to one of those orgs that recycle phones (I think one sends them to troops) and get a tax writedown?

That would be a lot less work.
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Here they are.

Quite honestly, if you can't give them away, you won't be able to sell them easily either.
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You could sell the whole lot on eBay? Or otherwise sell in bulk quantities?
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I like that idea, Carter. I emailed them. Plus they're only about an hour away from me so I can drop them off. That would be great cuz the retail value is VERY high. We'll see how they handle that.
Thanks a lot!
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I think I may have seen that on craigslist... I'm in Boston and would take a couple if you can't find anywhere else to take them.
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