Costumes for People Who Don't Need Fat Suits
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Another dreaded Halloween Costume thread. This one is for the plus-sized gals.

I'm looking for costume ideas that fit as many of these points as possible (I realize few costumes will hit all of them):

- inherently suited to plus-sized girls rather than just size-neutral. Good examples of this include Brunhilde or Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. Bad examples would be tavern wench -- yeah, plus-sized girls can rock a tavern wench costume, but so can skinny girls.

- size positive or neutral, rather than shaming. Fat Bastard and other 'fat people are gross' ideas are out. It's fine if someone is evil AND fat (like Ursula from Little Mermaid) but the fat shouldn't be the focus of their personality flaw.

- fairly widely recognizable. Pop culture references are good, really obscure pop-culture references not so much. The more 'costumey' the costume is, the less this matters. So Melissa McCarthy's character in Bridesmaids might be okay, where Melissa McCarthy's character in Mike & Molly would be too normal to even be seen as being a costume. On the other side of things, going as Nanny Ogg is going to be costumey enough that even if the person doesn't know you're Nanny Ogg, they'll at least know you're in costume.

- funny

- literary or smart

- sexy (but not in a generic 'sexy cop' / 'sexy nurse' sort of way, more that the character being portrayed is innately sexy)

- not entirely of-the-moment. TV characters from long-running shows, fine, classic archetypes and literary characters, even better, real-life people from news stories of the year, not so great.
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Divine. Wearing that outfit from Pink Flamingos.
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- A Wagnerian Valkyrie
- Nia Vardalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding
- Helga, the wife from Hagar the Horrible
- Divine, or any of his characters (I see General Tonic beat me to it)
- Amanda Waller
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Are you in the UK or surrounded by Britophiles? Then definitely Nessa (youtube link).
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Mind being a villainness? Ursula the Sea Witch.
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Sorry, I missed that you'd already mentioned her in your question.
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Princess Fiona as an ogre from Shrek. Wear a dress, paint yourself green.
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Beth Ditto.
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Mimi Bobeck from The Drew Carey Show.
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I think Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids would be kinda great.
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Mamma Cass
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I think Tracy Turnblad would be fairly recognizable.
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One of my friends went as the Queen of Hearts (Disney version) a few years ago, and she looked smashing. I wish I'd thought of it!
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Clara from The Guild
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Miss Piggy!
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Depends on your definition of plus-sized but Catherine Tate as Donna Noble in Doctor Who is recognizable to a certain subset of nerds.
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Mother Nature.

Glue gun plastic flowers, birds, butterflies and even some bugs to a shirt or even to fabric to drape around you.

A similarly adorned head band, with fake butterflies or birds on wire coming up from the headband. Butterfly wings. Plastic cockroaches and spider attached to you decollatage, neck, face. Fake bird perched on your ring finger.

Pretty makeup, glitter, long curly hair.
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I love vitabellosi's idea of Mother Nature. LOVE IT!

In a similar vein, Fertility Goddesses are usually depicted as plus sized. I don't know how to translate that into a costume since they're usually portrayed naked, but I wanted to give you some inspiration.
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Ooh, maybe Botticelli's Venus? Although she's nude too...
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Most of these would depend entirely on whether you consider these characters to be Plus Sized.

Annie Wilkes from Misery?

Depending on how you feel about doing something more in the animal vein you could rock a Hyacinth Hippo.

The faeries from Sleeping Beauty.

Nancy (Sluggo & Nancy)

Ugly Betty (poncho and gaudy accessories with some metal mouth thrown in?)
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Also Penelope Garcia is one of the coolest plus sized characters ever...I feel like you have the best options already in your question!
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When I went to a party as Mother Nature last year, I was surrounded by skinny, wealthier athletic types--but the six-year old said "I want to meet the beautiful lady!" before she went to bed.

I felt awesome!
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How about Princess Fiona from Shrek?
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Actually, why NOT go as Penelope Garcia? Okay, so most people won't get the reference, but I love her.

(Actually, uh, I pretty much already dress like her...)
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I just wanted to thank you for asking this question! After some thought, THIS plus-sized gal is taking spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints' suggestion and going as Princess Fiona (ogre version).
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Response by poster: Princess Fiona *is* an excellent suggestion -- she fits pretty much every criteria. I was her around the time the second movie came out, and I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to be a fairy tale princess and really look the part. Plus, I painted my dress with gold glitter and how much fun is sitting around with gold glittery fabric paint? I might do her again in the future when I have a chance to put more time and attention into my costume, because I think it would be fun to do again.

I'm leaning towards Penelope Garcia for this year, but all of these suggestions will help me in future years, as well. I put together a pinterest board based on some of the suggestions I've received here and elsewhere.
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Again depending on your definition of plus-sized, Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter films. Lots of pink, frills and kittens and a Middle Aged Cliche hairdo.
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Yay, Penelope! Just have a computer and bring along a hot bald guy who keeps calling you "baby girl" (Morgan). You know, if that works for you.
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