Looking for an episode of My Little Pony, old series
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I distinctly remember seeing an episode of My Little Pony (original series, around 15 years ago) that involved the ponies using some sort of walk/ride through (via conveyer belt) machine to clean themselves or make themselves up pretty - somewhat like a car wash. Did such an episode really exist? I'll be stumped if it didn't, it's so clear in my mind.

If it does exist, it would have been seeing this that began my lifetime fascination with fantastical machines that people can walk/go through in order to be serviced in some way. An example would be the machine at 5:30 in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3yJomUhs0g&feature=

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Was it by any chance the Care Bears movie? There is a sequence just like that.
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Response by poster: @Ziggy500 No, it wasn't that. I found that sequence in the Care Bears movie equally fascinating though- had it on VHS.
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If it makes you feel better, I remember it too, but not enough to help be able to find it.
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I have a vague recollection of this but as part of a commercial for MLP accessories or something...
This Pretty Parlor commercial is clearly not it, but might be on the right track
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I remember what you're talking about as well. I can picture it too, and it was definitely on the animated show, so this isn't it, but it's kind of fun anyway.
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Try asking on mlparena.com - I'm sure someone there will know!
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Response by poster: I found the episode on My Little Pony Wiki. From the original series: "The Glass Princess" - at 6:30 in this clip:


Explains my young interest in gloved mechanical hands- lolz.
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