Where to download Netscape 7.2
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I downloaded Netscape 8.X yesterday and HATE it. I'd like to revert to 7.2, which I loved. Every download site I've gone to ONLY allows the download of 8.0. Any suggetions?
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Browser archive at Evolt
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Netscape keeps a FTP server running with many of their "old" products

English Netscape 7 here. Jump up a directory if you need another language.
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Or directly from Netscape's archived products page.
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Not to be all making up my own question to answer, but ...what do you hate? I disabled some features, changed the skin, played with preferences, and I'm happy again.
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There must be some logical reason to use Netscape over Firefox, but I can't think of one offhand. They use the same rendering engine, so it can't be that... What is it?
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It comes with AOL Instant Messenger(tm) built in! And it has the Netscape logo!

Seriously, I too have the same question...why Netscape? The only reason I can honestly think of is that Netscape users haven't been exposed to Firefox or Mozilla proper. Netscape is literally Mozilla with branding and AOL marketing tie-ins added to the installer...that's it.

And yea, back when I did need Netscape (for reference while working at a helpdesk that had to support it) it was such a PAIN to find old versions; they really make you work for it.
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