need helping finding good bar in ny
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What are some good bars in NYC for making out?

I know very little about the city. I'm looking for something intimate that has some private booths and isn't ridiculously busy on a week night. Not too upscale, even a bit divey is OK. Dark/dim lighting. Any neighborhood is OK.

Btw bonus points if they don't card you at the door because my wallet was stolen recently and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my ID replaced before we meet up. I won't be drinking at the bar but the person I with will be.
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Back in the day, the Ace Bar in alphabet city was always a good divey bar where many things went on and people left you alone if you wanted them to.

And if you wanted to meet people, it was good for that, too. People of all stripes mixed very well. Ah, memories.
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My ex and I made out in this vaguely Irish bar near Grand Central, you have to go down a few steps to get to it and it's non-conspicuously attached to a hotel. Big, dark, lots of nooks and crannies. Hope that rings a bell for someone.
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I just want to say that in general, making out at a bar is a childish thing typically reserved for the "i'm so drunk and want to suck your face right now" moments associated with being drunk in your 20s. Don't get me wrong, I've done it (and still do it every now and again... uggh), but that is pretty much your cue to get out of the bar, not the beginning of a long night filled with locked lips. I think you could get away with what you want at any bar as long as the first kiss meant you were on your way. With that said...

ACE Bar is filled with games (ski ball, pinball, darts, etc), so you get lots of younger people coming in. Rowdy kids playing games and getting drunk will totally blow your spot up, and it's not that dark. If I saw you making out at the bar, I would pose in front of you and have my picture taken. Several times.

The more upscale bars (PDT, Death & Co, Little Branch) are great for good cocktails, but if you are literally going to be making out at a table they would probably would give you the boot. However, having a few drinks and leaning in for one soft and sweet kiss would be romantic, but then you need to leave. One kiss, no more.

Dark Room is literally a dark room, so dark it's hard to get around sometimes. it gets loud and packed on the weekend, but for the most part people should leave you alone, especially on a weekday.

Stanton Public is dark, and during the week you could probably make out with someone for a while, especially if you go there early. They have tables a little further in the back (it's not a giant place, fyi) that would probably be best.

There ya go. Good luck.
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the wheeltapper.

(Not everyone has a place to go to for the makeouts, darkgroove...sad but true)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! Can you guys also suggest bars where making out isn't option but that fit the other criteria I gave?
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I agree with darkgroove. This is a weird question... if you want to make out at a bar just do it, but people are gonna think you're over-PDAing assholes and probably yell at you to get a room and, yes, get their picture taken in front of you. I've never heard of someone going to a bar with the express purpose of making out there. Is this the adult version of "going to the movies"? Usually if it gets to that point, they're rushing to the bathroom, the car, or someone's apartment.

Having said that, try the Lower East Side.
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I don't think this is such a weird question at all. There are most certainly some bars that are better suited for this than others. I think the biggest sticking point is your intimate / not busy requirement. Dark, insanely crowded, loud music, possibly with people dancing will work out much better for you.
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Response by poster: the jam -- do you have any suggestions of bars that are dark, crowded with loud music that would be better for this?
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Here's a pretty good yelp thread that should have some ideas.
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Keybar in the East Village has a private table area with cushiony benches and a curtain behind the DJ booth that is usually vacant on weeknights. I've had a first date go, uh, very well there before.
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1. Ewww.
2. Botanica, on Houston St, back room.
3. Local 138 on Ludlow.
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