South Bay - Indepedent Video Game Stores?
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Do any independent video game stores still exist in the South Bay?

I'm in the Santa Clara/San Jose area and I'm at the stage where I can start collecting video games again. I picked up Gears 3 from my local Gamestop but I miss a real video game store. Do any still exist in South Bay or did they all close up shop?
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I'd be curious on how many independent video game stores still exist in the entire country. With Gamestop's trade-in/pre-used discounts, they're a tough company to beat unfortunately....and have for the most part driven out most of the big competitors (EB, Gamecrazy, etc)

Your best bet might be looking for places that are not video game stores as their primary business. More along the lines of board game/comic/hobby stores, consumer electronics, video rental (as sparse as those are).
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I've been looking at those sorts of places and I've been to a couple of them but none of them carry video games sadly.

The closest thing I found was Gamers in Control down in Salinas but a three hour round trip to buy a game is not attractive.
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