Looking for help valuing silscreen campaign poster
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So I stumbled on a campaign poster for Joe Edwards for Pitkin County Commissioner (CO) a silkscreen by Thomas W Benton. Both are famous for their connection to Hunter S. Thompson. Joe Edwards was the first Freak Power Candidate and was almost elected as Mayor of Aspen with Thompson as his Campaign Manager. Benton also did the Famous Aspen Wall Posters and designed the HST for Sheriff posters and I believe the Gonzo Double Thumb Fist Art. There is no info out there about the scarcity of this specific print. The guy who wrote the book on Benton is wanting to buy it and I have no idea where to start haggling.
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So ask him to make an offer and then sleep on it.
posted by roger ackroyd at 9:28 PM on October 17, 2011

Response by poster: Thanks Roger. That's the plan. Just thought I would throw it out there in case someone had some knowledge on it.
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OR... ask another HST fan to put a value on it... Maybe there's an antiques / collectible dealer around that owes you a favor?
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HST's wife runs Owl Farm Blog. I'd shoot her an email.
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Response by poster: Sorry. Never posted the followup here. Joe Edwards is still alive and "consults" with his law firm, now run by Joe jr. or something. I contacted the law office via email (2 addresses) the son responded, "Not interested, dad has one", then the sister responded in the affirmative. Made arrangements and delivered the print to her. I only asked for $200, which is about what the author was offering. When I gave her the print she was very happy and said that it was in better condition that the other print her dad had. Getting the print into the right hands on top of the money made it all a worthwhile adventure.
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