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Looking for a good web-based (ASP) solution for managing permision email marketing campaigns. Hunting for something that is more innovative, better priced - the Basecamp of email marketing would be perfect. Anyone have any products that they're happy to recommend, based on personal experience?
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Best answer: I've been using Constant Contact for a few months now and have been very satisfied. Nothing flashy or showy about their service, but it's solid, cheap, and they're quick to help if you've got problems.
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2nd for CC -- Constant Contact is kewl. They were a client of mine back in the day... I've never heard of anyone saying anything bad about them.
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We've had some success with Campaign Monitor; Simple to use, nice clean interface, with some decent reporting, and most importantly, a free (limited to a list of 10 people) trial.
Highly recommended.
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I would look at eNewsletterPro, an ASP/SQL Server application. While I personally have not had much experience installing or operating it, we did use it with excellent results at my last place of employment, sending opt-in newsletters to about 80,000 subscribers. We decided on eNewsletterPro based on my own experience with its sister product, BanManPro (ASP ad-serving software). That product was rock-solid serving ads on a site with 500,000+ monthly visits, and the support was just outstanding. I don't think they ever failed to respond to an email in less than 15 minutes, and they were always willing to go the extra mile.
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