Columba Cream in Canada?
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Please help me find some Columba Cream! Difficulty: Canadian.

My wife and I were married in Scotland ten years ago, and while we were there, we fell in love with Columba Cream which is essentially Bailey's raised to the power of awesome.

I would really, really like to get some since even ten years later we are talking about how much we enjoyed it. However, Canada does not allow an individual to just mail-order a case of hooch from overseas, and even a private retailer can't bring it in unless it is listed by the provincial liquor control boards, which it is not. One retailer *will* ship it but they basically say that it may be seized and if it is, you are out the cash.

So, how can I get my hands on the stuff? Is it available in the States? Google has failed me, and I'm not sure what else to try.
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Both the LCBO and BC Liquor WILL order in international items through special, private orders, provided that you pay freight and order at least a case. Details here: Ontario | BC (only available to BC residents - have a friend in BC?).
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