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Seeking a recommendation for a medical marijuana evaluation in Oakland/Berkeley.

I want to get my medical marijuana evaluation soon...but there are a ton of dispensaries, clinics, doctors being advertised and I'm having trouble sorting through the chaff. Basically I'm looking for a no-hassle, reasonably priced clinic where I get my script.

Bonus question: Is there any significant difference between the seemingly legit-appearing clinics (nice websites, serious about healthcare issues, take credit cards, a bit pricier) vs. the obviously shady clinics (cash-only, crappy neighborhood, no website, comparatively really cheap.)
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Probably the easiest thing to do is get in touch with Medicann. They have an office on Franklin St. in Oakland. I personally have not used them (if you can get to around Auburn easily, I can give you the name of a very reputable clinic), but they seem the most legit. When you do get one, I recommend Harborside on Embarcadero in Oakland.

Remember that in Oakland, there are only 3 dispensaries. I have only been to Harborside, and I personally would only go to one in Oakland that is recognized by the city.
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