I see a bright future...in my crystal ball. NYC Psychic Recommendations.
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Recommended psychics in NYC?

I've read the previous psychic questions in AskMeFi, specifically this one which has all of the disclaimers that I will avoid repeating.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend of mind today about psychics and I would like to visit one in New York. Just for fun...but you never know. And I am interested, just as Michael Crichton was in his Travels book that I have mentioned many times previously. Also to be perfectly honest, I would like to hear some good news, or something interesting, or something a little 'off-track' that might cause me to think differently or re-route myself in a way. REMEMBER: I understand all the disclaimers and am a very cynical person myself. However sometimes a little hope and optimism would be nice too.

Anyway, am looking for personal recommendations. I know Time Out magazine and NY magazine have both listed people before. Has anyone had a positive experience and perhaps (ideally) a name of a person they would recommend? (with a reasonable price tag attached).

Feel free to memail me if you too want to keep your cynical reputation intact- I have already blown my cover, however!
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I would avoid storefront psychics at all costs, no matter who recommends them. I'm happy to memail you a recommendation for a good Tarot card reader though.
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Response by poster: Sounds good. My mailbox awaits. And exactly, I have no interest in storefront people, just if anyone has had an interesting experience, or realized something in hindsight or has a specific person they recommend- really, I am looking for the specific names. Personal recommendations.
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Assuming he is still in the business, hermitosis is supposed to be a heck of a tarot card reader from everything I've heard on MeFi.
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I'll send you a memail with a name of an intuitive counselor that read my chart and tarot cards, who is wonderful.
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