Booty shakin' lessons!
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My girlfriend wants to know how to go about shaking her booty.

Specifically, in a manner similar to what happens at 50 seconds in this video (NSFW).

I thoroughly endorse this line of inquiry. Thanks for your help.
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Best answer: Full length mirror. Screen at a comfortable angle. Youtube: "How to do the BOOTY SHAKE original". (or any alternative in the sidebar) Ignore the fact that he's hilarious, he gives good tips. HAVE FUN. Persevere. Commit to train every day for at least a week. Go slow at first — this is more about stretching and strengthening muscles than technique. Do not focus on results, focus on TONING THAT BOOTY. Quality tunes — reggaeton, miami bass, baile funk. There's a subgenre of breakbeat called booty breaks. Find out what she likes. If she laughs at herself in a self-deprecating manner or implies she's ridiculous, do not join in. Do join in training YOUR booty, girls love that.
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Best answer: The specific movement happening at 50 seconds is similar to a type of shimmy that I learned in belly dance classes. While most of the other movements in that video are definitely not belly-dance related, a few classes would probably help her learn to isolate and loosen up enough to get used to the breakbeat moves.
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