Help ID the song I sing my daughter
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When I wake my 3 year old daughter up in the morning, I always sing a few lines from a song that goes: "Oh! The bright sun comes up/and the little bird sings/'Good morning!/Good morning!/Good Morning to you!'" What the heck song is this? Are there more (or correct?) words? Actual music?

I have no idea where I heard it - I used to annoy my wife by singing it to her in the morning (which usually led to her growling at me and going back to sleep - I'm sure it's only a matter of time before my daughter does the same.)

Any help IDing the song would be appreciated.
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Could be "Good Morning" by Judy's the lyrics.
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It looks like the Judy Garland one has some lyrics in common with "Good Morning" from Singing In The Rain (watch out, popups and evil blinky ads), which it also might be. Easy enough to check if you rent the movie.
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Closest thing I found was this goofy kids song with hand motions:

Note: Works really well if person leading sings in funny voice and puts a lot of movement into it.

Wa-y up in the sky (point to the sky)

The little bir-dies fly (make wings moving arms up and down)

Way down in their nest (make next with palms side by side)

The lit-tle bir-dies rest (hands with palms together under ear like a pillow)

With a wing on the left (wave left arm up and down)

And a wing on the right (wave right arm up and down)

We’ll let the little bir-dies (hands with palms together under ear like a pillow)

sleep all through the night (same)

Spoken - Shhh....they’re sleeping (said with index finger up to lips)


The bright sun comes up (move arms in a circle above head)

The dew falls a-way (flutter fingers down in front of face like rain)

“Good morning, good morning,” (wave a greeting)

The little birdies say (make wings moving up and down)

With a wing.... (same as before)
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You probably remember it from Singing In The Rain.

On preview: librarina: yup, it's the same one.
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We sing cosmicbandito's song when camping at the lake, with the exception that we yell out "THEY'RE SLEEPING!" Not recommended for use with non-morning people. The early bird gets the first ski anyways.
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Interesting thing about Singin' In the Rain, most of the songs from that movie including the title track are older songs, like the track in question sung by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney from Babes in Arms. On the new DVD there is a special feature about all the songs and their original sources.
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We used to sing it at summer camp, plus this part, guaranteed to get glares from the head counselor:

The farmer comes out
With a shotgun in hand
Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom!
"No birds on my land!"

The birdies fall down
All bloody with gore
"Good morning! Good morning!"
The birds sing no more.

I know a couple of other people who also sang it at summer camps across the country; wherever it started, it's now a summer camp standard.
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It sounds alot to me like that song the women used to sing on The Magic Garden, that childrens' show with the Chuckle Patch and the purple squirrel. Didn't they start the show with a song that went "Good morning, good morning, good morning to you"? Then again, I think that was only on in the New York City/Tri-State area, so maybe not.
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Good morning, good muffin,
Life's sweet with Orowheat,
Good morning, good muffin, to you!
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You have to wake up your three-year-old?
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BA HA HA HA. Now that was funny. Seriously, what are you feeding this kid at night?

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Our additional verse, which is similar to hamster's, was:

The big sun comes up
The dew goes away
"Good morning! Good morning!" the little birds say.
The hunter wakes up.
The birds try to fly.
Blam-blam! Blam-blam!
The little birds die.
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I like big birds
I like small birds
I like birds of every size.
But if those birds
don't stop that racket
gonna poke 'em in the little birdie eyes.

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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.

To Sagwalls and Spicynuts - yes, during the week, we have to wake her up. Of course, on the weekends when we want to sleep in, she's up long before anything resembling a decent hour.

The Judy Garland song isn't it, but the various campfire tunes seem to match.

Thanks again!
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