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I've volunteered to provide the layout and printing of invitations for my friend's upcoming wedding. Now I'm looking for recommendations regarding online paper goods vendors for the invitation templates.

We browsed Crane & Co. together (at the store and online) for templates, but nothing works for her. I also know that Hallmark doesn't have anything suitable.

She specifically wants something dynamic, such as a tri-fold invitation or something else aside from a basic pallet card stock.

Has anyone ever used a successful online paper vendor that you could recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.
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My niece made her own, and got everything from Paper Source. I can't get in touch with her right now to ask exactly what she got, but when she gets home later I'll find out and post it here. They have really beautiful papers - use the menu on the left to browse all the styles in each category.
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I'm going to gently suggest that you make a personal connection with a local specialty printer, rather than go the online route. Why?

A) Wedding invitations are the bread & butter of local craftspeople whose bulk printing business has completely disappeared. They have lots and lots of experience in making "one of a kind" invites to exacting specifications.

B) Make a personal visit, not a phone call, to discuss the design, etc. A personal connection will save you time and $$ when it comes to all the nitpicky details.

C) A local specialty printer will be X (where X = many) times more efficient in working with you to make the invite beautiful, personalized and unique.

D) I love the internet, but this is one of those times when a local, personal connection trumps online convenience in just about every way. Make a few calls around town, then set up an appointment. You'll be able to physically vet paper choices, view and discuss the print shop's showcase designs, etc.

Support your local inkster!
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My brother recently used a handcrafted paper place in Bloomington, Indiana called Twisted Limb Paperworks. The invites were really beautiful, and unusual. He told me that they also have a thing where they can put wildflower seeds *inside* the paper, so I guess you could plant the invite!
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I also used Paper Source. I can't say enough good things about them.

There are photos of my invitations in my knot page bio.
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Check out Invite Site. I used them for a recent wedding with beautiful results.
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I second working with a local printer. I worked with one for our wedding invites and they accomodated me perfectly with the design I made in InDesign. They added folds and a perforation where I specified for a very reasonable cost (the invite was a tri-fold with a tear-off RSVP card).
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My fiance and I did something similar. We used Paper Source for the materials -- ditto the recommendations. As for the design, we found an artist in the UK, Oliva Stationery who designed the actual invite for us incorporating original artwork.

DIY invites are a great way to save money while sending out a unique introduction to your wedding.
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Envelope Mall is a great online stationery resource.

Rather than pay to have the envelopes printed, I'd consider purchasing an embosser to imprint the return address. Wilshire Graphics has the nicest selection of embossers I've seen.

For my wedding invitations, I worked with Spring Tide Press, a letterpress, but I'm not sure that they're exactly what you're looking for.
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the Egg Press people are just great -- I love their stuff, and they are very helpful
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Thank you all so much for your wonderful answers so early in the proposal. I will research everything, pass the curated selection onto the bride/groom, and contact you all with an update! warm regards!
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Some of the best wedding invitations I've seen have been created by using products from the Envelopments line - check out any bridal discussion board, and you'll find girls raving about them and showing off the invitations that they've made. They have cardstock in solids, metallic, botanicals, and Anna Griffin - but there are also all kinds of trifolds, pocketfolds, etc. Here's a site that links to various vendors of the line.

Good luck!
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