Steve's Office is as Messy as Mine
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Can you identify the random bits of technology in this photo of Steve Jobs' home office?
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On the left (black box) is a Genelec speaker.
posted by Houstonian at 8:31 AM on October 16, 2011

These people at Mac Rumors think the other box on his desk (not the speaker) is a model of the Power Mac G5, which seems reasonable. Also, there's an old-fashioned wind-up clock on his bookcase (top-right shelf) and a desk lamp on the trunk (lower-left corner of the photo). This photo also shows his mouse, and a programmable office phone. This one shows that his monitor has a camera on top of it.
posted by Houstonian at 8:57 AM on October 16, 2011

The light grey box to the right of the speaker is indeed a scale model of a G5; the camera on top is the iSight before it was integrated into display bezels.

Towards the back in the centre of the picture is a handheld mini-DV camcorder, similar to the Canon GL2, though someone more familiar with camcorders might be able to give a more reliable answer.

Front left foreground is a tripod camera stand.

I think the narrow elliptical object to the immediate left of his display is a desk lamp.

Among the paraphenalia on his shelves are an old keyboard, an alarm clock and several cylinders of writable CDs or DVDs.

I'm mightily curious what the string of little bottles on the second shelf from the top, left hand side, are though.
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The little bottles seem to have rubber stoppers used for oral medicines -- compare with this and this.
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Another angle of his desk from the same shoot shows a smaller Cinema Display on the floor and what looks like a trumpet sitting on top of a box of books.
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Here is a larger version of the pic.
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You can just make out the actual computer he's using in the photo Houstonian posted—there is a G5 on the floor to the left of his desk.
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