Help me translate a Spanish poem recieved from a recent love interest
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Help me translate some Spanish (Spain) to English, and understand the significance of what it says.

I was recently involved in a short romantic fling with a girl from Spain. Before we parted ways she left me with a card with the following inscribed:

Todo el mundo tiene
un proposito en la vida,
un don unico o
talento especial
para ofrecer(?)
a los demas...
si no lo tiene no te servira de nada!


Cada camino es solo un camino
Observa cada minuto con atencion,
Recorrelo tantas veces como
Sea necesario.
Despues preguntate: "?este camino tiene corazon?"
Si lo tiene, es buen camino.

Unfortunately my spanish isn't all that great and even though i was able to translate the passages in google translate I'm pretty sure that something was lost in translation. If anyone can help me make sense of the two passages (ie. what they mean/where they come from, if applicable) I'd truly appreciate it.
Thanks mefi community!
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Here's my go.

Everybody in the world
Has something in life,
A unique gift or
Special talent
To offer to the rest of us
And without that there's no point!

Each journey is just a journey,
Keep watching, every minute
Go back and forth as many times as you need
Then ask yourself, "Did I care about the journey"?
If so, it was a good one.

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And from a bit of searching, the first one comes up on quite a few websites citing it as Deepak Chopra, and the second might be Carlos Castañeda.
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I would do pretty much the same as Fiasco da Gama for the first one.

For the second:
Each path is just a path
observe each minute carefully,
Go over it as many times
as is necessary.
Then ask: "Does this path have heart?" (heart could be, feeling, love, meaning- I like meaning as a good option)
If it does, it is a good path.
To me, these both have a religious sprinkling. The first is about using your (God given?) gifts and abilities to better the world.

The second is about finding out what life path you might go down, and you don't have to find the magical amazing path (insert jazz hands) (or otherwise life is wasted) but you just have to find a path that has meaning, feeling, heart.

(my own interpretations, obviously)

Thanks for sharing!
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Here's a Castañeda quote that is almost identical:
Contempla cada camino de cerca, entonces hazte esta pregunta crucial: ¿me lleva el corazón por esta ruta? Si lo hace, entonces el camino es bueno. Si no es así, es inútil.
So it's fair to attribute it to Castañeda.
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