How can I create an awesome Macho Man costume?
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Halloween Costume Filter: I want to be Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween (the cowboy hat version)

Hi all,

This year I would like to be the Macho Man himself, Mr. Randy Savage. I'd like to be the 1990s cowboy hat-wearing version (as seen here), not the 1980s "Macho King" bandana and robe-wearing version.

Any ideas for how I could piece together a decent-looking Macho Man costume? I'm not very crafty, but I realize there will probably be some skills needed on my part. I'll basically need: A multicolor cowboy hat, crazy glasses, multicolor jacket with streamers, brightly-colored pants, and something resembling wrestling boots. I've got the beard, wig and belt under control. Ooohh yeah!
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You're not likely to find a cowboy hat that already pulls off those colors. But you could get a cheap one at a costume shop and use some acrylic paint to give it pizzazz. It doesn't look like you need to have artistic skill, he's not wearing a DaVinci on his head. You could also do the same with some fabric paint or dyes (both available at a craft or art store) on a cheap fake leather jacket (try an outlet store). The streamers are easy and could be affixed many ways. Big safety pins, fabric glue or even hot glue would be quick and easy.

I would recommend shopping for gaudy wrestling tights first (try a dance store or a theatrical supply store), and then matching the paint colors and streamers to the tights.

I think you're going to have the most trouble with the boots, because the only things that really look like wrestling boots are wrestling boots. I really wouldn't have the first clue where to get them...though maybe at an athletic supply store like Scheel's or Sports Authority.
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Can't help with the costume, but don't forget to stock up on Slim Jims to encourage people to snap into. Tear into the spice!!
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I don't know how fast they ship, but Highspots sells professional wrestling gear.
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