Quick and easy Tokyo Blade Runner costume
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Looking for an easy-to-throw-together male costume for a party with dress code "Neon Geisha, Renegade Replicant, Mechanical Doll, Retro Glamour, Femmebot Fatale, Electroglam, Gothic Renaissance, New Romantic, Blitz Kid, Cyberpunk, Electric Witch, Blade Runner Realness..."

This party looks amazing and I'm definitely going. I'd hate to show up looking like a normal schlub though.

Any ideas on what I could throw together from either my existing wardrobe, or my existing wardrobe + cheap, easy-to-buy-tomorrow additions, or my existing wardrobe + possibly-expensive additions that I could conceivably wear in "real life" as well? (e.g. I could buy a trench coat.)

The only things I can think of so far are maybe my Neo Halloween costume, or just a generic leather-jacket-and-sunglasses look, possibly with a fauxhawk or something. I'm sure the collection wisdom of AMF can think of something cooler.

Bonus points for female costumes in the same vein in case any of my friends want to join.
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Best answer: Everybody is going to want to be Roy Batty.

You? You want to be Gaff.

Pimp with a hat, bowtie and a cane. Bonus points for origami.
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Seconding Gaff.
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That's a hell of a dress code. Dr. Tyrell

Or maybe a hobo with a shotgun.
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Once read a book where the black sheep of the family finally showed up. Turned out he was a punked out IRS Auditor. Might be fun.
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Best answer: Most partygoods stores have LED pins for sale pretty cheaply. Get the magnetic ones, not the clip on ones.

Were I going to this party, I would grab something suitable from my closet (of course, my closet includes a couple PVC dresses and at least one leather corset, but all black and a solid pair of boots is enough). I'd use eyelash glue to secure a light or two to my temple, or possibly the hollow in my throat, or inside my wrist. I'd stash spare lights and the adhesive in my pocket for touch ups later. Add a nice hardware-laden belt, with whatever futuristic-looking weapon/handheld scanner/PDA you can mock up.

It's not showy or recognizable as any particular character, but it fits the theme without too much cost or effort.
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The future is not flashy. The future is bleak.
The cover-all is the garb of the future.
Dirty, not tattered. Dingy.
With patches. Not patches that mean anything to anyone. Patches that denote rank in some massive corporation full of faceless, anonymous schlubs like you.
Combat boots, work boots, maybe some canvas sneakers (nondescript).

For every flashy blade runner shooting it out with replicants or fancy snake-dancer there are a million people like us wandering the damp, grimey underworld or maintaining the life-support systems on some L5 space habitat.

(Well, they do include "realness" in the dress code. And you will sure-as-shit stand out in all the flash and glam.)
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Best answer: Find the right pair of shades and a leather jacket, do something funky to your hair, and you can be one of the punks in this famous BR shot.
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easy blade runner gun: get a complicated-looking water pistol...medium large. glue random crap on it until it looks about right, shapewise. then paint to match.
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Best answer: Oooh, the Dances of Vice parties are FUN! You can't go too over the top for this party as there will inevitably be someone there who has seemingly worked on their costume since last year...on the other hand, there will be folks who are much more subtle in their costuming. You can be anywhere on the barely a costume to over the top costume spectrum and fit in.
I don't have any specific suggestions for you, but makeup and crazy hair goes a long way when you're in a hurry/on a budget...
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Where's Waldo and Wanda?
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