Child psychic, tea-reader mom, titanic blanket
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Help me find this children's book I would have read in the 80's. It had a psychic girl in it, from a poor family, and I believe it was set in the 1920's. Her mother was a tea-reader and may have been a gypsy. I remember a scene where the girl briefly time-traveled to the sinking titanic, and came back soaking wet, draped in a white star line blanket. Her fame allowed her to meet some royal personage, and the rich family in town gave her a dress from the dry goods shop. that's all I've got.
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Best answer: I am almost certain I read these too, and it was the Blossom Culp series.

B&N has a description of the series here
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Best answer: Jinx, FritoKAL; I was coming in here to say it's definitely the Blossom Culp series. The one with the Titanic scene is Ghosts I Have Been (the second in the series). I remember reading and re-reading these books when I was a kid. They were great!
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Response by poster: wow, that's definitely it. titanic description right in the review as well. you guys are quick off the mark!
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