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How do I get a FLOOD of Christmas catalogs?

Every year we joke about how Christmas catalogs come earlier and earlier and how much silly stuff there is. Sometimes we buy things, sometimes not, but we have a great time looking through the catalogs and seeing what silly things they are selling this year.

Lately, with most of our shopping being done on-line and most traditional mailing being done through amazon.com etc, we seem to have fallen off a lot of the old mailing lists. This is good in some ways, but it just doesn't seem quite the same without all the silly, gaudy, tacky, amazing things that catalogs used to offer... especially when we'd get some ODD ones (why are we getting a taxidermy catalog?? and look at this one of Egyptian-themed gifts!) etc. Since we are poor this year I thought it would be fun for Mom and me to have a veritable FLOOD of catalogs to page through and laugh at....

Is there a simple, easy, free way I could just sign up onto a list to say "yes, please send me your Xmas catalogs!" We might buy something, and all catalogs will be recycled!

Thanks for any help!
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Go to their websites and request one. Here's three to get you started..
Vermont Country Store
Restoration Hardware
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Oriental trading
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Best answer: Catalogs.com. (Yes, it's that easy.) Go through the lists and request the ones you want.
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Come over here and sit by me. There is nothing I love more than going to my mom's house and wallowing in the myriad catalogs she's on the list for. Especially Lillian Vernon. I mean, look at this deal on Santa Pants Treat Holders! And the chili pepper grilling rack is on sale too!
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Oh, and Swiss Colony is another favourite when we're there. Wouldn't you love to send someone a beef log(Lite)?
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Victorian paper company also has nifty catologs for xmas. And they will be happy to send them to you

For the sillier side, Archie Mcfee.
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Back to say thanks for this question. Without it, I would not have just ordered a box of Chocolate Eyeball Truffles.
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Response by poster: Thanks you guys!!
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