Need help with garbage disposal
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Need help with wiring a garbage disposal.

I wish this were for a boutique amp but it's for a very non-boutique garbage disposal. The last one I hooked up was easy-peasy but I got this cheaper GE model and the instructions on wiring suck.

I have a dedicated circuit with a white and yellow wire

And the GE unit, a gfc300t, has a brown and blue wire.


Any ideas on what goes to what?
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This faq says that on equipment, blue=neutral and brown=hot is the convention. Odds are that the yellow wire is hot (and I think I've seen yellow=switched hot specified before), but can you open up the switch box that that cable presumably goes to and double-check?
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Blue = White and Brown = Yellow according to the GE answer center. I really did not expect them to be so helpful but there ya go. Just goes to show how much MORE faith I have in AskMe rather than the actual manufacturer.
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Since a yellow wire is not what I'd expect (rather than black), it wouldn't hurt to throw a volt meter on that rough wiring just to confirm the polarity. Safe enough to assume that the white is common, but better to know for sure. You could check it at the breaker too if you can see the pole easily enough.
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Well it is all working now. Thanks for your answers.
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