Help needed from Manhattan
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I was in Manhattan two weeks ago and saw a collection of photos affixed to the fence in Bryant Park next to the library as I strolled by...

They were pictures of cats and dogs from a photo collection published as a book. Of course, now I don't remember the name of the book or who published it. Are there any New Yorkers who could check it out and tell me the title and editor?
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I just passed em by on my way into work. The books are called "Cats 24/7" and "Dogs 24/7", not sure of the author but that should be enough to google them.
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Hmmm, I say I just passed them by but my colleague here says they're gone and I never noticed. However, I have been passing them by daily and the book titles are correct!
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A week ago this past Saturday (June 5), Rick Smolan and David Cohen (of America 24/7) launched their new books "Cats 24/7" and "Dogs 24/7" with a group photo of New Yorkers and their dogs taken by Elliott Erwitt in Bryant Park.
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The group portrait ran in The New York Daily News, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and many other publications across America.
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A week ago this past Saturday Sunday ...
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That's it guys, thanks!
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