What DVD is this clip from, and where do I buy it?
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How do I find out what DVD this clip is from, and where to buy it? (NSFW)

This clip of two Asian men kissing ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HMfh17C0Gk , not linked for obvious reasons) is obviously the start to a pr0n film. I want to know what DVD it's from and where to buy it.

I've run across this clip a few times in the last few years. Uploaders who've posted it all haven't answered questions about where the clip is from, either in the comments or in PMs.

I've seen it watermarked with different URLs, but they're usually dodgy sites and no help finding the DVD.

I tried taking a screengrab and dragging it into Google Images, but Google didn't recognize it.

How do I source this clip and find it for sale? Multiple problems here: basically no information to go on, DVD is probably not in English, pr0n is ephemeral, etc.
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I have nothing to offer here, except that you may have more success if you give the mods a throwaway email where people can reach you if they'd rather not broadcast their talents for finding obscure gay porn.
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Mod note: From the OP:
people can email whatdvdisthisclipfrom@gmail.com if they'd prefer?
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It could just be a scene for a website and not on any DVD. Amateur porn people (just ask me) have scenes on tube sites and offer some to no DVDs at all.
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Honestly, I'd ask 4chan / other imageboards for help. (Is there a specific gay porn board somewhere? Maybe /y/ for a start?) If you can find the right place to ask, anons are amazingly helpful at IDing "sauce" (source) of material.

You could also check with porn commentary sites like Fleshbot (http://m.gay.fleshbot.com/). They're unlikely to help one person ID one specific clip, but more likely to have "how to track down porn based on clips" information.

Also also, if you find an AVI/MPEG/non-Flash file of the clip, check its metadata for source info.

where people can reach you if they'd rather not broadcast their talents for finding obscure gay porn.

Srsly guys, why can we not wrangle a career out of these advanced kinds of skillset :( Where are the NSFW librarian jobs!
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