Make me look less trustworthy in Lower Manhattan
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I'll be in lower Manhattan today (Worth St). Can anyone recommend a barber in the vicinity that does straight-blade shaving? I would like to get my regular mustache converted into a Bob Dylan-style pencil mustache. If not right in the neighborhood, a reasonable subway ride away is ok. Thanks!
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Try The Art of Shaving, 67 Wall St.
posted by Specklet at 9:56 AM on October 14, 2011

Alternatively, they do a great razor shave at Chelsea Barbers at 23 and 9th.
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Freemans Sporting Club F.S.C. Barber Services provides straight razor shaves from 11am-6pm Mon-Fri and all day on weekends for $40. Google map.
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Best answer: There's a barber who does straight blade shaving in the Fulton St. subway station. I think you enter off of Fulton and William. There's a sign above this subway entrance. It's downstairs before you swipe IIRC.
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Response by poster: Fifteen bucks and old world barbershop ambiance!
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Long have I desired to go into the Fulton St. subway place...but even if they are technically unisex I think I might stick out a little. Glad you enjoyed!
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