Looking for a trade-board web solution
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I am looking for a web-based solution to use as a community services/goods trade board *other* than phpbb, something more akin to ebay...my google skills are failing me...

The things I would like to have are:

User profiles/services/goods sorting by user
The ability to show images
Showing things as done/taken

Does anything like this exist in a php/sql like form? Your help is greatly appreciated!!
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I always check HotScripts for web apps. There are 78 possibilities in the Auctions category for PHP so hopefully you will find something there that will fit the bill. I like the fact that there are User Reviews for each product, so you can stay away from the less-liked solutions. Also recommend looking at the "Updated" date for the project. If it was a couple of years ago, it probably isn't being actively maintained.
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I have just done an osCommerce installation and customization for a client. osCommerce is a fully-featured eCommerce system that uses mysql on the backend and php on the front end. It's pretty customizable, so one could conceivably take out all the stuff you don't want (check out, categories, etc.) and use the rest as a trade board. I did a full customization in a week, so it might be an option. There's also a big user community, and plug-ins for advanced functionality, so that can make things easier.
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Expression Engine will soon be announcing a new forum for its software. I have no idea what features will be built in but you might want to keep an eye on their page.
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