Indian Whiskey NYC?
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Where can I buy Indian whisky in or around NYC?

Really want to try Indian whiskey. I live in Jackson Heights and I still haven't been able to find it.

Help me out! I'm willing to go as far as Jersey.
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Brandy Library has three Amruts on their list (PDF), if you just want to taste.

Retail, try Park Avenue Liquor.
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Half the fun is the copy of the descriptions. Please do try to get ahold of the bottles, even if you try it at a bar, so that you can read them. The Amrut Fusion is the only one worth going out of your way for, in my opinion.
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Wow. I was just about to pass a snarky comment about how most Indian whiskey is made out molasses and fit for tile cleaning when I read around a bit. I need to find this Amrut in India!
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Response by poster: Grin. I appreciate the Amrut links but I actually AM interested in the stuff that's "fit for tile cleaning." I am not known for my good taste in liquor.
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You really can't find it in Jackson Heights? Almost all the mom-and-pop liquor stores I know in Flushing stock at least one brand of Indian whisky, even the stores that are owned by Koreans. I think you should just look up all the little independent liquor stores in a ten-block radius and spend a few hours crawling them.

Also, yes, the Indian whisky that I've had is truly vile stuff — "rotgut" is the right word. The bottle or two I've had were enough to put me off trying anything else from the subcontinent, ever.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure I've seen Indian whiskey in the window of a tiny liquor store on 37th Rd. off of 74th St. -- a couple doors down from the old Eagle Theater.
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Response by poster: neroli wins! The crappy liquor store next to the Eagle did indeed have the good stuff. Well, bad.
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