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I'm looking for an iPhone app that can use a previous photo as a transparent overlay to match up when when taking a new photo. I want to take photos of a tree every week and have each photo look as similar as possible to show the growth of the leaves.
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Hardly an app but, in case you can't find something like this:

If possible (probably not if it's in a public place), you could make a stand/frame of some sort to place your phone in when taking the photos, so that the phone is in exactly the same place each time. Leave the stand/frame in place between shots, of course. It could be as simple as a stake well seated in the ground with a couple of pieces of timber on top to align the phone identically each time.
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The app "everyday" does this but it's meant to be used for your face. I think you could use it for a tree though. The first time you use it, you drag a couple lines on that are meant to line up with your mouth, eyes,and nose. You could instead use those to line up the tree somehow. Each time you take a photo, you get the lines to help you line it up as well as an overlaid image of the last photograph.

Bonus points because it makes time-lapse videos really easily too!
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Thank's web-goddess. It has an overlay option. Perfect. Thank you!

Thanks for your answer too dg.
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Check out Watch Me Change (WMC). It does it for free (with ads).
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Ta JohnnyGunn. Paid version of WMC is only 99c. Also, it can have multiple "users" for different faces which I will use for different branches/angles.
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