I have an unknown song stuck in my head!
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I'm looking for a song sung by someone with a Seether-like, raspy-sounding voice. The only lyrics I can remember are "you will never be lonely (lonesome?) again."

The "again" was sung a lot more harshly than the rest of the line. I *think* that there was a lyric right before that one that went "I will break into [pieces again?]", but don't quote me on that. Male singer, kind of a Seether, Staind, that kind of voice.
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Simian - Never Be Alone (or the Justice track sampling the first line)? Long shot, I know.
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Response by poster: Nope, the song was a lot more Grungy sounding.
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because I only listen to 5 bands, the only one I could think of was Four Score And Seven by Titus Andronicus

This is a war we can't win
After ten thousand years, it's still us against them
And my heroes have always died at the end
So who's going to account for these sins?

And I don't know who here is my friend
I'm certain that I've seen uglier men
But Christ, fuck me if I can remember when
Will I never be lonely again?

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Long shot, but maybe Not Too Late by Three Days Grace?

This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don't belong
Who would have guessed it
I will not leave alone
Everything that I own
To make you feel like it's not too late
It's never too late

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Response by poster: Neither of those, great songs though!
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Do you have more context as to when or where you heard this song? Your description makes me think it's someone like Trapt or Trust Company or Three Days Grace or Linkin Park (though I can't find it amongst their albums that I have)... There were a whole slew of these style bands that have come out over the past 10 years. Anything else that might narrow this down could help...
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I know you mentioned Staind in the question, but the drawn-out "again" reminds of It's Been Awhile.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately, I can't remember when I first heard the song. I'm going to guess it was sometime this year since it got stuck in my head a few months ago, pretty sure I heard it on the local rock station.
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Bush - Reasons?
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Trust Company - Alone Again?
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Do you know the tune? This site lets you hum it and it tried to identify it. If that doesn't work, here is a list of other apps that may work. Let us know when you find it, I'm curious!
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You might try Song Tapper also.
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Response by poster: I haven't found it yet, but (I probably should have included this in the original question - d'oh~!) here's a recording of me singing/humming it in case anyone recognizes the tune!

The "again" was sung a lot more harshly than I did it 'cause I wanted to stay in range of my singing abilities. >.>
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It's not Weezer's El Scorcho, is it? The tune is similar, but the line is "fall in love all over again."
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I'm terrible with lyrics, but I love me some grunge. Built to Spill or Filter maybe for bands to try looking through their songs? I think they'd have the right kind of vocalist..
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Best answer: Oh my goodness, I found it!!! I was just scrolling through my iTunes music, looking for a completely different song. I played this one, skipped through a little and it just happened to land on the exact lyric I had stuck in my head!!!

It's Closure by Chevelle.

The lyric I remembered: "Closure has come to me myself. You will never belong to me."
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