How do I unbreak my Mac's internet?
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My mac, which runs 10.2.8, suddenly forgot how to get to the internet. How do I return it to its former glory?

Ok. Here's what happened: I was on a website of dodgy intent that required a password from an affiliate. I put in the promo password, and suddenly the dialogue box came up saying that I was not connected to the internet and had to configure my modem port.
Here're things that might be important: I run through a router, to a cable modem. Both have simply worked when plugged in before. I have no idea how to check things outside of the "system preferences" network tab.
Here're things that I checked that might be important: First off, the internet is obviously working from my girlfriend's computer, which goes through the same router and is less than five feet away. I have restarted the computer and the cable modem, both of which occassionally have moments where they don't jive. I have checked the cables to make sure that they are secure, and looked to see if anything was obviously askance on the network settings tab.
I did not click any dialogue boxes which would have changed my network settings, and I do not believe that I have any viruses.
Any further information can be supplied, but I can't check my email (which is endlessly frustrating).
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Can you create a new Location within the Network system preference?

This should create a fresh, factory vanilla network preference set. This includes setting your Ethernet port to use DHCP. (I could explain the DHCP part but a new location will take care of this for you.)

DHCP means your computer will grab its settings from your router, and your router works since your gf can connect through it.
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Second what Alex said.
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That seemed to work. I also switched ports on the router. But thanks.
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