Help me change my font!
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The fixed width font on my mac has been switched to some weird Gunsmoke esque thing. Pretty impossible to read any kind of code, etc. Help me switch it back, please!
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In what program? Terminal?
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O, this cannot be addressed without a screenshot, I fear. Cracking up at "weird Gunsmoke esque thing."
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Response by poster: It seems like just browsers, but if I look at the preferences for Chrome, for example, it says the fixed with font is Courier and shows an example of the western font that is most definitely not correct.
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Have you tried a reboot? What happens if you look at Courier in Font Book?
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I have Safari in front of me. Go to preferences -> appearance. What font does it read and what does it look like? (This is mine.) Pressing "select" will bring up the font chooser. Can you change it and have it take effect?
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By the way, the "weird Gunsmoke esque thing" is probably either Mesquite or Rosewood.
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Also, if you look at Courier in the font chooser, does it show Courier or Gunsmoke-eqsue? If it shows Gunsmoke-esque then the system's font caches might be bollixed up; try deleting them and letting the system rebuild them. (Not sure if that's a problem that still happens with current versions of OSX.)
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Response by poster: ok, solved it.

Went to Font Book and Courier actually had 2 listings for 'Normal' in the font family: one was obviously the standard courier, the other the western font. Deleted the western font and we're good.

I mean it was REALLY annoying- imagine looking at a document of any complexity in tiny Mesquite writing.

Weird! Thanks all.
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Wait, I want to know why it would have got like that in the first place! And since you deleted that one that you deleted, are you missing Mesquite or Rosewood?
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