Where to buy folios?
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Where can my office get a few hundred custom-logoed folios? We're looking for something like this or this, but large enough to insert 9x11 pages.

Leather or faux is desired, and we also want to print the name of our office on them. I don't know where to begin and don't trust google results.

We aren't looking for super high quality, but are trying to avoid getting junk.
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Best answer: Well, of course the place you linked to sells them. :)

I've used both ePromos and 4Imprint in the past. I liked working with ePromos a bit more overall and the products they did for me came out great. Leeds tends to be one of better brands in that space, but at the end of the day they all wind up looking a bit junky compared to something you'd buy for yourself from a store. Ya know?
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Best answer: Brandfuel
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