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Looking for an index for David Attenborough 'Life Collection'

We have the 'Life Collection' DVD set, along with quite a few other David Attenborough DVDs (yes, we are major fans around here). I know that in some later boxed set releases of these DVDs they came with an 'index' so that if you were looking for sections on say spiders, it would show where all those sections were on the DVDs. Does anyone know if such an index exists on the internet (I have searched to no avail) or if you can buy it or some other options.
Essentially what I would like is a way to know if we are interested in studying a certain topic I can quickly find where on what DVD there is a relevant section.
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See if this page does what you want. Click on "Search" (right over the photo of Attenborough) and you'll see a search field come up on the right. Search for "spiders," and see if the results help you with what you need.
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Exactly Taz! How did I miss that??? Thank you so much.

If anyone has any other learning resources that relate to these series, suggestions most welcome, but Taz has found what I originally asked for.
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