How this unknown track is ruining my life
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Can someone identify the music bed being used in this episode of Charlie Brooker's How TV Ruined Your Life?

The link should go directly to the part I am talking about, but just in case, it is around the 3m25s mark. I tried using shazam etc. but there is too much talking and other sounds over it. Thanks a lot!
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The most popular comment for this video is:

Q. "Anyone´╗┐ know the intro music please?"
A. Yeah. It's mentioned at least seven times´╗┐ in this thread.
posted by devnull at 12:40 AM on October 13, 2011

From the comments, it's Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem.
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Specifically, it's the (superior IMO) instrumental version from the 45:33 mix done for Nike. You can find the vocal version on the album Sound Of Silver.
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yes, LCD soundsystem, Someone Great
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Response by poster: Thanks, sorry I just grabbed the youtube video for the question without reading the comments (I had been watching the show on other sources).
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Response by poster: (And I've been ignoring youtube comments completely (because it seemed to be 90% arguments about religion, or homophobia) for so long, that I'd forgotten they could have useful info sometimes!
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