Recommend me a messenger bag.
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I'm looking for a good messenger bag in the AU$200-250 range.

I was fairly set on buying Levenger's Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger Bag but their shipping costs to Australia put it out of my price range. I'm looking for a bag that's:
  • Large enough to hold a 15" MacBook Pro with room for books and whatnot
  • Rugged enough for an occasionally careless university student
  • Fairly stylish, use the Levenger bag as a reference
  • Sold in Sydney, Australia or with reasonable shipping rates to there.
    Does MeFi have any recommendations for good messenger bags that fit that criteria?
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    I've got an old Crumpler much like the ones they sell here. It's lasted me at least five years, was stylish enough to go with a suit when I was working in an office last year, fits a laptop, books and my lunch, and you can put it straight in the washing machine when it gets filthy. They're great.
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    I have a Fossil, still, and am pretty happy with it. It's spacious and sturdy and doesn't look too bad. There are a couple of stores in Sydney.
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    Response by poster: Those look nice, but outside my price range. The Crumpler ones simply don't do it for me aesthetically.
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    Response by poster: The Fossil ones are outside of my price range I mean.
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    Hey, it's time for this thread again. You can see my reply to the last one here, which links to the previous 8 questions on the same topic.
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    Check your MeMail. I'm in Sydney and have a near-new Fossil messenger bag for sale.
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    Response by poster: Some of those suggestions are good but I've yet to find one that takes my fancy. A few more pointers to help out:
    • I'd like to get something leather, but not overly decorated, something simple
    • It'd be good if it had a fairly padded strap
    I'm thinking of just getting the Levenger one if I can't find an acceptable alternative.
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    Maybe not as padded in the strap but very sturdy and totally cooler than most of the others....

    Cambridge Satchel Company

    There's a stockist in Sydney. I got one for my boyfriend and he looooooves it.

    (Sometimes you will see these for sale in Urban Outfitters for an outrageous price, it's much better to go through the actual website.)
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    Response by poster: Oh man those are nice, the embossing options are great too.
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    What I think you want to find is a bag by KE:EC. He's a Melbourne designer that's been doing messenger bags for the last several years. He, the Crumpler crew and another dude that runs Mattt come from the same school. You know Crumpler's style and materials already. Mattt works with textiles, nylons and patterns in structured designs. KE:EC combines leather with fabric in much looser structures but still messenger styles. I have and use examples from all three.

    The KE:EC is my stealth, worn out, over shoulder bag. I've had it for about three years and it's ageing nicely. It's a push but I can get a 17" MB Pro into it or an SLR with a couple of lenses, but it's not really padded. You'll want a sleeve for the laptop.

    I haven't found a website for his stuff, but there are a few links to boutique shops if you do a search. I'd be surprised if there aren't a couple of designer shops in Sydney carrying his stuff. Here's one link to an online AU store. Not much additional info, regrettably. I'll ask around over the next couple of days if there's any new info.

    Oh, and I love bags...
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    Probably a little out of your price range, but I highly encourage you to consider Saddleback Leather company. They have both brief cases and laptop cases. From what I have used of their products they are built like tanks and are the most amazing leather products I have ever seen. You may want to look around their site in case there is a model I missed that may work better for you as well.
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