Cafe Zuppa Chicago-Style
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ATTN: Indy -> Chicago Transplants... Please help me find somewhere similar to Cafe Zuppa.

A friend of mine just moved to Rogers Park and is searching for a restaurant similar to Cafe Zuppa. He likes that Zuppa has good food, reasonable prices, fantastic service and a wonderful Sunday brunch buffet. Suggestions on a comparable establishment?
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While I've never been to Cafe Zuppa, I've spent a lot of time in Rogers Park, and I suspect the Heartland Cafe might be the type of place your friend is looking for. It's pretty much right by the El tracks.

While the Heartland might be the type of place your friend is looking for, one caveat: the place's atmosphere is very hit-or-miss. It's very possible it'll be a disappointment, depending on what your friend is looking for.
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