Will my cheap texting plan survive an upgrade?
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The company I work for has offered to pay the cost to upgrade my personal iPhone 3gs to a 4s. I currently have unlimited data with the 200 SMS for $5 plan. I'm grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan but I've heard conflicting reports about the $5 message plan: a) to upgrade my phone I would have to either switch to a $20/month unlimited text message plan or go plan-less and pay $.20-.30/text, OR b) my $5 plan is safe and will survive the upgrade. So, which is it?

You'd think customer service at AT&T could keep their story straight on this but that's where I'm getting the conflicting stories. I haven't been able to find anything on AT&Ts website that definitively states one or the other way.

So, has anyone here encountered this in *upgrading* their iPhone (I know new AT&T customers are only getting the $20 plan offer so my question is only about upgrades). Were you able to keep your $5/200 texts plan? And if you kept it, how did you go about it?
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I have the same text plan and just ordered my 4s today and was able to keep it. I ordered through the Apple store and for each part of my plan there were options to choose any of the current ones and it also listed what I currently have.
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When I went to the AT&T store, they were clear that you don't get to keep the SMS plan, just the data plan. I'm not surprised Apple has a different opinion. I'd advise you to wait another month till the truth is clear.
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I ordered via apple and had to change the sms plan. Unlimited data totally fine though.
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I ordered via Apple on Friday and was able to keep my 200 msgs / $5 as well as my unlimited data plan. I have the most minimal voice plan as well. My order receipt confirms it the messaging and data plans and pricing, although of course, as chairface says, I won't know for sure until I get my first bill.

The only thing that I can think of that might be different is that although this isn't a work phone, my employer has some sort of deal with AT&T to show proof of employment to get a 15% discount, but I thought those preferred employer deals were fairly common.
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I ordered mine through AT&T and the $5/200 messaging plan is intact as far as I can tell.
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When you are done with the hassle of upgrading, call ATT customer service. Ask to speak to "the retention department." Make them put your plan back to "normal."

(Shhhhh. Don't tell about those three magic words)
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This question is getting stale but I thought I'd add my two cents. I ordered new iPhone via Apple and was NOT given the option to keep my current $5/200 plan. I'm an existing ATT customer but this is my first iPhone.

I called 611 and was told they aren't grandfathering the cheap text plan (which caused me to frantically search and end up here). I waited a few days, enjoyed my new iPhone, and then ended up tweeting @ATTCustomerService. I got a reply back asking for a DM with a number I could be reached at. Soon enough I got a call from JohnF and he set me back up with my old text plan, and backdated it to the start of my iPhone plan. I'm pleased.
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