Teach me some magic tricks with twists.
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What are some impressive yet simple magic tricks with seemingly obvious explanations?

I'm talking about this kind of thing. Where anyone can work out the solution. The thing is, I'm looking for tricks which present an "obvious" solution, which you allow the audience to examine and in actual fact that's not it at all. In the example shown above, if he'd shown the back of his hand and no card was there. I want the audience to at first feel insulted by such a cheap trick, then feel wowed. What tricks are there that use this technique?
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In magic lingo, it's called a 'sucker trick', where you pretend to teach the trick initially but have a larger trick up your sleeve that catches the audience unaware. That term will probably help you search.
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Ask this guy.

Seriously. He'll answer.
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Maybe not quite on topic, but I was at a magic show where the magician put a ketchup bottle in a paper bag, with a line of patter about it disappearing/not falling or some such, and then turned the bag upside down. Of course, all the kids (and some adults) in the audience cried foul, since hes clearly holding onto the bottle! He agreed that it was a silly trick, and crumpled up the bag and tossed it away. Fun :)
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There are literally hundreds of these types of tricks. Here are a few:

Lance Burton performs the Silk to Egg trick (probably my favorite of this type):

A classic trick called What's Next

Similar to what Jacen mentioned above
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