Cheap way to get Universal install disks for Mac OS X 10.5
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Most cost effective and legal way to Universal install CD for Mac OS X 10.5, to upgrade a PowerPC Mac?

Yes, a PowerPC machine is a deadend. But the person who needs it doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles for the next year or so, just something that can run a newer version of iTunes.

I've looked on Amazon and Ebay, where the price is more than the original way at the OS's release. We're talking $175 for what was originally a $129 upgrade.

Looked on Ccraigslist and not getting any nibbles.

Any ideas? Would prefer not pay over $50. Considering that the newer OSes are $30, paying more for an older OS is odd.
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How "legal" are we talking here? This is an OS that's no longer sold by Apple.

Given that, if you have access to a DVD burner that will burn dual layer media you might try something that rhymes with "Mrit Chlorrent".

Considering that the newer OSes are $30, paying more for an older OS is odd.

Supply and demand. Apple isn't selling any more new copies of this release, and this was the last OS release to run on PowerPC macs.
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I've purchased various releases of OS X on eBay and I've never paid even close to retail. I got 10.6 for $19.50 just a short while ago. Keep looking.

On preview - what mazola linked to.
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That auction has over a day left, so who knows where the price will end up.

I would just download the thing from bittorrent and burn it to a disc. Maybe I'm a bad person.
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You are not depriving Apple of any revenue. They don't sell it anymore.

While it may not be in the public domain, it's hard to say they are harmed by your action if you make a copy and install it.

Your intent is noble. Sadly, by adhering to the letter of something, you may miss your chance to accomplish something good for someone.

I always pay for software as a matter of ethics, so I know where you are coming from, but really, perhaps you are taking it too far for your purposes and motivations.

If it makes you feel better, buy something from Apple! Win/win/win!
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I realize it's a shot in the dark, but yeah, I'm looking for the original CD/DVD for a Universal install of Mac OS X 10.5, for use on a PowerPC machine. I'm willing to buy or trade, so if you of a place that can make that happen besides Ebay or Amazon, let me know, thanks.
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Have you tried calling Apple support? It's obviously not listed in the store, but a couple of times I've had to do this Apple have supplied replacement disks for a reasonable price (AU$39 IIRC). They've even been happy to supply the latest version that'll officially run on a given machine, rather than what it shipped with.

Which is something else to watch - depending on the exact machine & CPU speed, 10.5.x may not officially install. IIRC, the base requirements were (most?) models with >867MHz processor - if you've got a slower machine, there's some hackery involved in bypassing the system check to get it installed.
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Is that the system that would have shipped on a Power Mac G4? Because that's what my old disks looked like. I gave my mom the G4 when I got the MBP and I know she has the disks. I'm not sure she would know how to check, but I can get over there in the next day or three.

I did find some OS9 -- featuring Sherlock 2! -- disks if anyone has Bondi fever.
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Note to those who have MeMailed: I am absolutely, postiviely not looking for ways to bit torrent the disks.

Room 641-A: The computer came with 10.4 disks, but it'll run 10.5 ok as long as Install DVD is universal. I actually have 10.5 DVD, but it's for an Intel Macbook, so it won't work on PowerPC machine.
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Seconding Pinback - I had an old iMac that I needed to get a copy of 10.4 for, I called up apple support and they eventually sent me to some deeper level of support and I was able to talk to someone about finding an installer. I can't remember if it was a universal installer (eg - works with any piece of Apple hardware) or hardware specific. It cost me on the order of $35 USD, but seemed to be a good way to do it legally.
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Ahh, so that won't do you any good. I don't know how quickly you need it, but I have to swing by her place in the next few days so I can definitely check and see what I have lying around over there.
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Never mind. Check your MeMail.
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