Can I send them my better resume?
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Applied to a job I'm very interested in accidentally using a resume that is not my most recently updated, in my opinion, much better edition. How creepily weird would it be to send my updated resume for this same position considering I haven't heard anything back yet beyond the "We've received your resume and are reviewing your qualifications" generic email (I applied on Monday)?

Hiring managers - would sending the updated resume send any red flags or be seen as trying too hard (the resume I did send is current to the degree it has all of my up to date employment history, but I feel the updated resume has a better listing of my accomplishments and is better formatted)?
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Not at all. Applicants do so many bizarre things when job-seeking (including the woman who asked if we had disinfectant after shaking our CEO's hand), that correcting a small error like attaching the wrong resume isn't going to even cause a blip.
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Yeah, just email again and say something along the lines of "sorry, just realised I sent an out-of-date resume, please find attached the updated version".
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As a hiring manager, I would much rather have your current resume. I wouldn't consider this a strike against an applicant.
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I'm hiring someone right now and I wouldn't consider this a strike against you at all.

In my field, like almost all fields, you will make mistakes. Being able to correct your own mistakes is way more important than not making any ever.
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2 days is not a long time for them to have not replied. A job I advertised a couple of weeks ago has 52 strong candidates that I'm still trying to narrow down. At this stage, I'm looking for anything that shortcuts the process. An error like this would make me question your attention to detail, which, as an important part of the position, makes me kick you off the list right now.
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Agreed. Send the latest resume asap.
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This wouldn't be any sort of red flag to me, but I would be checking both versions to see if the facts like dates and job titles matched up (like xingcat says, you'd be amazed at the weird stuff people try and think no one will notice). As long as they do match, absolutely send the new one, don't tell them you just updated it, just say you accidentally sent an out of date version.
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I have done this exact thing before, and it didn't (seem to) hurt my chances. Of course, don't do it if the delta consists solely of adding "Outstanding attention to detail" under "Strengths".
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You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Would you rather that first impression is a less-than-perfect CV that the employer thinks is the best you can offer, or that the employer knows you sent them a less-than-perfect CV and then corrected it?
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