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Can anyone recommend a photographer in New York (preferably lower Manhattan) that has experience dealing with Passport Canada's extra-finicky requirements for passport photos?
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Wow. I was going to suggest doing them yourself until I read the requirements. I don't have a direct answer, sorry, but thought it might be helpful for anyone else to post this link to the requirements.
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Seems that if you're in Manhattan calling the Canadian consulate and asking them who they recommend in Manhattan is the way to go.
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Link for consulate in NY.
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I had to get my Canadian passport photos done four months ago, and my local CVS pharmacy was fine with them. Many of the photo requirements are with regard to your posture and how you frame yourself in the photo, whereas many others are more or less consistent with how American or other passport requirements work (ie. no reflections, don't obscure the face, etc.) the main divergences between Canadian standards and American are dimensions and size of the face relative to the rest of the photo.

If you don't trust your local pharmacy photo center to do this, though, and want to ensure that a photographer is experienced at doing these things, then I'd say, check for photographers near the local Canadian Consulate. More likely than not, they will have experienced dozens of walk-ins who've gone to the consulate, gotten the requirements, then wandered over saying, "hey can you take this photo for me?"
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The requirements look remarkably like the Australian requirements – and they clearly state that it can be from a digital picture. Here's what I did for myself and a few friends and family members who needed Aussie pictures:

Shoot them at home. Any half–decent (even point–and–shoot) camera should work. Take the picture against a white background. Actually, take 10 and choose the best.

On your computer, crop to the general area of the face, and measure it on screen. Crop again to exact size, make a new image of 4"x6", stick 8 copies on (good to have!), print it at any 30¢ kiosk print, and cut it out.

Total time, about 10 minutes.
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btw, my tip was based on having to get my passport photos done four years ago in Boston and then going to the consulate in Copley to confirm requirements around expediting by driving back to Canada to do an in-person, and when I asked them to recommend a photo studio they sent me down the block. It turned out that the German, French, Spanish and Israeli consulates were also nearby so this studio photographer could totally just nerd out on all of the variances in international passport photo requirements.
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Those requirements are stringent, but any photographer will be able to easily meet them. If you were in London, I'd do them for you in about 5 minutes.

Tip: If you do wear glasses, I'd probably remove them for this shoot. Not having to deal with reflection simplifies things tremendously.
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A little more detail... I had photos taken at a passport photo place in Brooklyn. The guy told me that Passport Canada was extremely fussy about shadows, and spent ages retaking them until he thought they were ok. They looked fine to me. I just had the application returned with a form that has "there are shadows on the face and head" checked. Apparently I need to find someone who knows more than me.
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I went to somewhere called something like DOI photography on 53rd. My pics were terrible but that's more of a reflection on me than the place. I will check back in with accurately googled name if you don't find downtown alternative. But I am warning you- hair behind ears, stern face, no glasses...if that's not your normal look, it can lead to some shocking results!:)
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mhz, they must be by a commercial photographer who must write the studio info, address, and date the photo was taken on the back.
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(And for the next five years! Argh!)
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my bad
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I'll second DOI photography-- the photos didn't make me look good, but they were accepted for my passport renewal.
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Do yourself a favour and print out the photo requirements and bring a copy for the studio when you go in.

Magnakai is right about removing glasses, too.
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Thanks for all the replies. Doi looks like a good bet. (I assume it's this business?)
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A list of photo studios compiled by the consulate.
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