What's wrong with my manhood?
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What’s going on with my manhood? Rash, irritation, STD?

I noticed a few weeks ago a rash, or discolored skin on the underside of my penis shaft. The shape is triangular with the triangular base of the junction where the testicles and penis come together. It runs up to the frenulum/ glans and is much thinner at that point. It also appears less dark in the center of the discolored area. There is some very slight but infrequent irritation. This is mostly when I feel my pants or underwear touching the area. It has not gotten worse or better in the 3 weeks since I noticed it. There are no sores, no bumps, no discharges, no pain, no flu symptoms, no enlarged lymph nodes, or anything else irregular. The discoloration seems to be where there would be the most friction from masturbation but I have not been doing that except once or twice in the last few weeks. (Even then I am careful to avoid touching that area). There has also been some vague itching around the rest of the crotch. I think this maybe in my head.

A pharmacy sold me an anti-fungal crème a few days ago and I can’t tell if it is helping yet.

The other two factors are a few weeks ago in the states we had a very hot August and I tend to sweat a lot in that area. Also, at the beginning of August I had protected sex with a woman known to have a reputation for getting around. A friend with a dark sense of humor told me she had herpes but then told me he was kidding. I don’t believe it is herpes. My understanding is that herpes does not tend to effect the areas that do not make skin to skin contact. The area affected was definitely covered by a condom. The symptoms started about 5 weeks after this encounter.

I am traveling abroad and feel a little intimidated by using foreign healthcare and there is also the language barrier. I don’t really know how it works. I am going to brave the healthcare system and have it looked out later this week.

Are there any thoughts as to what could be the problem? I’d like some input as I can’t see a dr. for a few more days due to work obligations Thanks.
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I'll bet it is some variation on jock itch, but you ned to see a dr, not ask us to guess. I've had to do the embarrassing doctor visit in another country before; really, it's not all that bad, and they see worse every day.
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I would just say go to see the Doctor as soon as possible instead of waiting because of work obligations.

I know your case doesn't sound that serious but, in my opinion, there are three things you shouldn't ever delay on getting help for: your eyes, your ears and your penis. If your employeer doesn't understand that it's time to start looking for a new job too.
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Yes, this your manhood's way of telling you he wants to see a doctor. Believe me, he's closer to you than you are to him and now he insists on seeing a medic. I guess he wouldn't mind if you come along, though.
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Lotrimin powder in the summer. Antifungal and helps keep things dry. Also, have you changed soaps, clothes washing detergent, fabric softener?
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"Are there any thoughts as to what could be the problem?" Yes. You haven't gone to the doctor, but instead you are asking a bunch of us to diagnose it. Go see a doctor before the thing falls off.
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