Buying ice skates in San Diego
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Help this Alaskan buy ice skates in San Diego or Seattle.

I know this sounds crazy. The selection of skates in Juneau is piss poor and wildly overpriced. I am visiting San Diego and thought I might have better luck. I'm specifically looking for a type of soft boot skate often labeled recreational. I have a lengthy layover in Seattle and will be going downtown (sans car). I will have a little time there if San Diego isn't fruitful.

I'd order online but the differences in sizing makes me really want to try something on first..
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if you want a quality set of skates, i'd head to an ice skate specific shop.
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Maybe a taxi trip (or bus) to Highland Ice Arena in the Shoreline neighborhood of Seattle to visit their proshop?
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Play It Again Sports in San Diego may have what you're looking for.
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