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What was the "old Danish TV skit" that Jacob and Simon were planning to perform in North Korea in the documentary The Red Chapel? Can I view it on YouTube (or anyplace else) with an English translation?
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It's probably "Dinner for One." According to Wikipedia, "Dinner for One, also known as The 90th Birthday, or by its corresponding German title, Der 90. Geburtstag, is a comedy sketch written by British author Lauri Wylie for the theatre in the 1920s. German television station Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) recorded a performance of the piece in 1963, in its original English language. This short comical play subsequently went on to become the most frequently repeated TV programme ever (according to the Guinness Book of Records, 1988-1995 eds.; later editions no longer have the category).

The 18 minute single take black-and-white 1963 TV recording featuring British comedians Freddie Frinton and May Warden has become an integral component of the New Year's Eve schedule of several German television stations, Danish, and Swedish national television, a December 23 staple on Norwegian national television, and a cult television classic in Finland, Estonia, Faroe Islands and Austria; on New Year's Eve 2003 alone, the sketch was broadcast 19 times (on various channels). As of 2005, the sketch has been repeated more than 230 times. It is famous in other countries as well — including German-speaking Switzerland and South Africa. It is a New Year's Eve staple in Australia on the SBS network.[1]
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Response by poster: I'm fairly sure that wasn't it, as it appeared to involve a shopkeeper and customer.
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Possibly this? Stick with it until after ~ the 40-second mark before dismissing it as a possibility.

I also have a vague memory of seeing a Scandinavian Four Candles-style sketch on youtube somewhere, but I may be conflating the two.
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