Car Alarm / Leaky Windshield Recommendations?
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Aftermarket Car Alarm and Leaky Windshield Question (1st Gen. Legacy Wagon Content) (Not too long).

Hello all,

I have a couple of questions, so I thought I'd lump them together here. The car in question is a 1992 Subaru Legacy L wagon.

1) Car alarms. Does anyone have recommendations as far as an aftermarket car alarm / keyless entry / engine immobilizer setup? I'm only kind of browsing around at this point, but I'm more interested in a system that at least checks the latter two boxes (I don't need it going off all the time) and has a small but durable remote. I had such a system for my 1991 Jetta (it came with the car when I bought it), and it was kind of nice. The remote was a POS, though, and when I dropped my keys (constantly) it would Humpty Dumpty and I'd have to drop what I was doing and reassemble it. I consider myself pretty handy, and I'd like to install the system myself if I can.

2) My windshield and its associated area leaks. The glass is fine, but the seals around it seem to suck. When I first got the car a few weeks ago (before it really started raining), I shot the windshield with the hose and didn't see any issues. Buuut when I got into the car last night (after a day of sitting in the rain), there were drips dripping from the automatic seat belt latch where it was parked towards the front of the door. I looked up into the slot it slides along and found some moisture, too. There wasn't any mold or anything, it was just damp. The car smells a bit damp, too. Is there some sort of caulking material I can get for the short term while I sort out getting these seals redone? BONUS QUESTION, are the seals something I can do myself as well?


1) Looking for an aftermarket "alarm" with keyless entry and an immobilizer. Suggestions?
2) Also looking for some sort of window seal caulking material. Can I replace the seals myself?

Here's an image of the seals. It's like this pretty much all the way around. I think most of the water is actually getting in through the area at the left of the photo.
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Can't help on the leaky seals, but: I had a Viper alarm system installed several years ago; never had any problems with it. The installers tied it into my car's existing keyfob, so there's no extra key or anything to carry around either. I got it because it included an ignition kill switch, rather than for the alarm itself: if anyone tries to start the car (either hotwiring or even with the real key) without properly shutting off the system, the car is NOT going anywhere.

I consider that ignition kill switch more valuble than the noisy alarm because frankly, people ignore car alarms --- but by shutting down the ignition system, even if some jerk busts out a window I'll still have the car, and a busted window is WAY easier to deal with than a stolen car!
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I had luck with a sealant from a car parts place. Just ask the clerk or browse in the accessories aisle where the mirror adhesives are located.
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