Where to buy salmiakzout
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Where can I buy food grade ammonium chloride (aka sal ammoniac, aka salmiak, aka salmiakzout)? I am in Amsterdam until noon Wednesday, so that might make things easier or cheaper, but nobody seems to know where to find this stuff. I already have a big pile of salmiak licorice pastiles, balls, and even powder (zwart wit) which is what most people seem to think I mean. This stuff is all delicious, but not what I am looking for. I also would accept answers that ship to California.
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The Dallas Group sells food grade ammonium chloride. Their minimum order is measured in pallets, but you might contact them to see if they have any distributors or retailers that can handle a smaller order.
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This might seem a bit counter intuitive, but try asking Mike at ArtCraft if what he offers is food grade. He sells chemistry to photographers and, depending on the chemical/shipping restrictions might be able to ship this to you directly. Other options for suppliers are Bostick and Sullivan and Photographers Formulary.
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A poster on chemieforum.nl claims he bought ammonium chloride at Van Der Pigge, Gierstraat 3, 2011 GA Haarlem (near Amsterdam).

The ingredient is not listed on their website, but they state that their online overview is not complete yet. You can inquire at info@vanderpigge.nl or 023-5312454.
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Have you checked a normal grocery store? I've bought salmiak powder (poeder) at Plus Markt, in the candy section. It's sometimes called zwart wit zoet, although I'm not 100% sure that's completely ammonium chloride; it may have other ingredients. I think I might have also seen it at HEMA. I assume you've been to Jamin; they have salmiak candies, but I don't think I've seen the powder there.
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I did find some Zwart Wit Zout; it's mostly powdered licorice root. It wasn't in the grocery stores I checked - I found it in Jamin. Hema didn't have it.
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(it's not what I am looking for but it is delicious)
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If you're still in Amsterdam, your best bet might be Jacob Hooy, a chemist that's been around since 1743. It's just off the Nieuwmarkt. Their webshop lists droppoeder, but I'm sure they'll have what you're looking for in the original shop. Great shop, it was referred to me years ago as the only place in Amsterdam where you could do one stop shopping for serious explosives.
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I lucked out - Jacob Hooy was right between my hotel and Amsterdam Centraal, so though I was pretty short on time, I managed to stop there, and still have everything else work out. As I sort of expected, the folks at Shiphol xrayed it and took some time calling over supervisors until they got one that had enough authority to decide whether or not they cared that I had it (they didn't).
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(also they totally had it, and were totally awesome)
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